We are trying to port GIMP 1.0.4 to AIX 4.3.3 We have been able to
compile this without any problems.we are using glib-1.2.7 & gtk+-1.2.7
we compiled both & installed , but when we try to execute gimp,  it is
catching sigsegv signal and if we use debugger tool it shows as followes
Segmentation fault in _XLoadQueryFont at 0xd02eadd4 ($t1)
0xd02eadd4 (_XLoadQueryFont+0x54) 901f0064        stw   r0,0x64(r31)

(dbx) where

_XLoadQueryFont(??, ??) at 0xd02eadd4
XLoadQueryFont(??, ??) at 0xd02eb404
gdk_font_load(??), line 112 in "gdkfont.c"
gtk_style_new(), line 409 in "gtkstyle.c"
gtk_widget_get_default_style(), line 3625 in "gtkwidget.c"
gtk_widget_peek_style(), line 3647 in "gtkwidget.c"
gtk_widget_init(??), line 1022 in "gtkwidget.c"
unnamed block $b5955, line 391 in "gtktypeutils.c"
gtk_type_new(??), line 391 in "gtktypeutils.c"
gtk_dialog_new(), line 90 in "gtkdialog.c"
install_help(??), line 108 in "install.c"
install_verify(??), line 82 in "install.c"
main(argc = 1, argv = 0x2ff22d20), line 258 in "main.c"

_XLoadQueryFont is defined in libX11.a & this file is included in Makefile
of gimp

please suggest
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