> On 23 Jul, Charles Iliya Krempeaux wrote:
> > Will it be free?  Will it be a standard part of MacOS?
> > (Or is it something Mac users will have to pay for?)
>  Sorry, I have got no details handy. Read about it on slashdot or
>  somewhere. Have a look at the usual MAC places to get info about that...

OK, I'll do that (eventually).  But my point is, if X Windows isn't
available on every Mac system... or at least if they can't get it
for free... then it is worth porting the GIMP (and GTK+, GDK, etc) to the
native MacOS API.

After all, if (almost) nobody has X Windows on the Mac (because you
have to pay for it), then nobody will be using a GIMP (that needs
X Windows on the Mac to run).

It was the same with the (MS) Windows version of the GIMP.  Sure, you could
tell people to go buy X Windows for (MS) Windows.  But who was going to
do that.  That's why the GIMP (and GTK+, GDK, etc) got ported over to
the native (MS) Windows' API.  (There was actually an X Windows version of the
GIMP for Windows around before, but how many people could use it?)

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