> On 23 Jul, Charles Iliya Krempeaux wrote:
> > OK, I'll do that (eventually).  But my point is, if X Windows isn't
> > available on every Mac system... or at least if they can't get it
> > for free... then it is worth porting the GIMP (and GTK+, GDK, etc) to
> > the native MacOS API.
>  I'm not against a port. If you'd like to do that, feel free to start
>  hacking. As soon as I have my G4 box I may start helping you but until
>  then you have to find other poeple with knowledge of Mac API's and stuff
>  like that to port gdk over to it....

:-)  This isn't my project.  The port is being done by Jason T. Slack

I've got enough work, working on matterial ( http://matterial.sourceforge.net/ ).

(I've just been participating in the thread, because I know people, Mac users,
who would love to have the GIMP on their computers.)

Sorry if I gave the impression that I was doing all this.  You should talk
to him if you'd like to work on it at all.  (The only time I've ever got a Mac
to use, is when I can borrow one of my friend's PowerBooks.)

See ya

     Charles Iliya Krempeaux

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