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>Kelly: no, I'm not asking gimp to not store the image decompressed, I
>just want it to use a display buffer sized to the window size, not to
>the image size. Of course, several copies of the image (in this case
>105megs) will be used for layers, alpha, undo, whatever. However,
>when I crop and I have zero levels of undo, the swap file size should
>not grow! If I work on a rectangular selection, there should be no
>working copy, just work on the current image.

I'm not sure if the projection buffer is constructed conservatively or
not.  As I recall projection is done bottom-up instead of top-down,
which makes conservative construction difficult.  I planned a top-down
revision once but never implemented it because it was too extensive a
change.  If we had top-down projection, the projection buffer would
only be populated by those tiles actually needed for the displayed
region.  The entire tile manager would be allocated, of course, but
only those tiles actually accessed would be populated.

I've also wanted to allow for a left and top offset into tile memory
so that tiles could be partially shared.  This makes crop a zero-copy
operation; the cropped image would reference the same tiles with left
and top offsets.  Again, never done because of the extensiveness of
modification required.


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