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> on 7/23/00 3:30 PM, Charles Iliya Krempeaux at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > :-)  This isn't my project.  The port is being done by Jason T. Slack
> >
> > I've got enough work, working on matterial ( http://matterial.sourceforge.net/
> > ).
> Ok, I am cross posting this to both Gimp-Devel and GTK-Devel (So Be careful
> with the 'reply to all')
> Here the scoop:
> It seems that others are porting GTK+ to Mac OS X. Can you port GIMP to OS X
> without GTK+ being there? Not really yet I understand.
> So maybe GIMP is not an option for me to work on. However, I want to develop
> something. I have approximately 6 years of C/C++ experience with assembler
> developing commercial applications. My interests are graphics, Desk-top
> publishing and system level utilities.
> Is there a nice Desk-top publishing app for Linux out? (Something Like Quark
> Xpress, PageMaker or Indesign?)

I haven't used any of those, but from what I guessing their just Vector graphic
programs.  So,... as for existing projects for Vector Graphic programs, there


     (Although parts of it are in Python,... as well as C.)

     (It uses QT, not GTK+ though.)



(There's probably more.  Just search around.)   

> I have used Quark and developed extensions
> for it for years, I have also written a few Photoshop plug-ins. As far as
> system apps, I like writing disk utilities, I started writing ghosting
> software a year or so ago before I finished college.
> Can anybody help me decide where to focus my efforts?

Well, if you're determined to work on a vector graphic application,
then you have the list above.  But, if you are also considering things
more broad than that (... more broad than just vector graphics applications...)
then I can give you an even larger list of projects to choose from.

> I don't really want to
> duplicate efforts if someone else is trying to do something. However, I
> would like to contribute to bringing quality, commercial, and professional
> open software to the community.
> So can anybody give me suggestions as what to develop, what is needed out
> there, everytime I want to do something, it seems that someone else is
> either doing it, or it is done.
> Sorry for the Off-topic post and the cross post, but I think that perhaps
> your input can help me out.

Hope that helps.

See ya

     Charles Iliya Krempeaux

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