Charles Iliya Krempeaux wrote:
> "Jason T. Slack" wrote:
> > So maybe GIMP is not an option for me to work on. However, I want to develop
> > something. I have approximately 6 years of C/C++ experience with assembler
> > developing commercial applications. My interests are graphics, Desk-top
> > publishing and system level utilities.
> >
> > Is there a nice Desk-top publishing app for Linux out? (Something Like Quark
> > Xpress, PageMaker or Indesign?)
> I haven't used any of those, but from what I guessing their just Vector graphic
> programs.  So,... as for existing projects for Vector Graphic programs, there
> is...
>      GYVE
>      Sketch
>      KIllustrator
>      Sodipodi
>      TGIF

The 5 programs listed above are vector graphic based editors. The programs
Jason named are all desktop publishing programs. Very roughly speaking they
are highly specialized word processors. Many current word processors have
some features normally found in DTP packages.

Vector graphics programs is an area which seems to be covered quite nicely
now. We have many text editors and a word processor or so around. A Linux
DTP package would be nice to have. I used to use Professional page on my
Amiga some years back but the word processor allows me to do what I used to
use PPage for although not as well.

Jason, search the Linux software project listings. If you don't find a DTP
package in the works and you think this is something you would like to do,
then go right ahead.
Let me know if you start such a project. I can't promise to help much
however as I am involved in several other projects right now.

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