As you may know, Gimp's help system has been somewhat neglected since
the departure of the previous maintainers, Karin and Olof S Kylander
(we thank them for all the work they did!). I think that to get a
useable help system going, we need to have several people working on
it so it is split into smaller tasks. If you want to take on a task
from a single page to a whole section, please mail this list. The
of the help system has the following sections, which are at these
levels of completion (using the technical method of "guessing":):

channels - 0% (Describes the Channels context menu)
dialogs - 80% (Describes all dialogs in Gimp)
file - 100% (Describes the File menu)
filters - 5% (Describes all filters, including their dialogs)
image - 90% (Describes the image windows, and it's context menu)
layers - 0% (Describe the Layers dialog context menu)
open - 100% (Just the "Open by Extension" description)
paths - 0% (Describes the Paths dialog's context menu)
save - 100% (Just the "Save by Extension" description)
toolbox - 0% (Describes the toolbox window)
tools - 0% (Describes all tools) [Assigned]

Someone has already offered to do the "tools" section, but if you
to take on anything else, please tell us!!

Also note that the above list includes some additional pages which I
have written, and are not yet in CVS - can someone with CVS access
please add them (send me mail and I'll send you the files - there are
around 25, or tell me a better way to get them added)!


- Piers (halcyon)

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