Hi all,
I currently have the latest developers' version of GIMP (v1.1.24). Can someone tell me if Perl scripting is still available ? (...there used to be any entry called "Perl-FU" on the Xtns menu).
I'd like to run a Perl script called perlotine that was written by Seth Burgess (http://registry.gimp.org/detailview.phtml?plugin=perlotine). This script achieves functionality that I have been looking for in GIMP for a while (i.e.slicing up an image and creating a group of gifs and an HTML file as output).
I can't find anywhere in the v1.1.24 version of GIMP menus that allow any use of Perl scripts...can someone help ?
(...as mentioned in a previous EMail, I am a newbie developer so please be gentle with me....)
Andrew J Fortune

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