On 29 Jul, Sven Neumann wrote:

> Sorry Daniel, but don't we don't need that kind of FUD here. If
> gimp-perl is still not working for you, please let us know exactly
> what kind of problems you experience with it. I have the expression
> that gimp-perl works quite good on most installations.

 Sorry Sven, it never worked for me and all Marc and others could say, 
 is that my system is broken. It's not FUD since others have the same
 problems and stated it, also here. If you don't believe it feel
 free to have a look at the bugtracker and close all the reports.

 As long as the issues stay gimpperl is not more or less than a randomly
 working plugin.

 The most frequent bug I'm stumbling over is the uncompilability with
 gcc compilers more rencent than version 2.95.2.  



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