On 30 Jul, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> It's you who is unprof(f)essional. You were and are totally wrong with
> your today's claim about gcc -- claiming some not-yet-existant
> version of gcc causes problems on your machine.

 Pardon? Just because a version is not officially released doesn't mean
 it doesn't exist, does it? 

 I'm forced to use a gcc version later than the LAST OFFICIALLY released
 version because I'm having severe problem with the C++ frontend in 
 2.95.2. I claim I'm using the CVS version from today which is obviously
 more rencent than 2.95.2.
 Now please tell me, where's my thinko???
> I am not. However, unless you tell me about it I will have no way of
> finding out.

 Ok, I told you that you can't compile the plugin with a CVS version 
 of gcc. There will be surely a new release somewhen so even more
 people will notice it, so fixing it before that will happen seems
 sensible to me.
> For example, when I told you that your latest patch uses mempcpy, a
> function not available on most systems, you just replied with a quote
> from the libc info pages(!), claiming the function _does_ exist.

 Sorry Marc, I told you very clearly that this shouldn't have been in
 the patch since it was just a try that has never worked anyway but
 since you told me in a very selfconfident way that this
 function hasn't ever existed I replied with a quote of the info page!

 That's the fact, anything else is pure speculation from your side.

 [ Rest of speculations deleted ]

 Marc, I just want to know ONE little thing: Will you help to make
 the gimpperl plugin usable on more systems (for example on future
 gccs), YES or NO? 



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