(Firstly, a quick note - I apologize for my confusion in earlier sending out
HTML postings to this mailing list. I wasn't aware that I was doing it.
Anyway, I hope that this format is OK - plain text as far as I know)

I currently have Gimp v1.1.24 (developers' version). I don't have any
Perl-related menu items on the Xtns menu, and so in an attempt to remedy
this, I
downloaded the gimp-perl v1.16 distribution from http://registry.gimp.org.

As per the instructions, I executed the command "perl Makefile.pl", but got
the following error messages :

./configure: =.: command not found
./configure: line 907: syntax error near unexpected token `"(c'
./configure: line 907: `  echo $ac_n "(cached) $ac_c" 1>&6'

I currently have the following installed on my machine :

GTK+ version 1.2.6-6mdk
perl version 5.00503-10mdk
perl-GTK 0.6123-7mdk
gimp 1.1.24

In the hope of getting some clue to this error, I tried looking for the
string "$ac_n" in the source file Makefile.pl, but
couldn't find it.

What should I do from here ?

Thanks in advance,

Andrew J Fortune

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