On Sun, Jul 30, 2000 at 06:02:04PM +0200, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > It's pure fact. You keep claiming all sorts of funny things that you
> > yourself should have known long before you started posting about it.
>  Ok Marc, it's enough. I will not continue this useless flamewar!
>  In real life you sometimes play the nice guy but back on the computer
>  you're pretty unproffesional!

It's you who is unprof(f)essional. You were and are totally wrong with
your today's claim about gcc -- claiming some not-yet-existant version of
gcc causes problems on your machine.

This is distracting time and other resources from real problems.

> > And I think otherwise. Don't ask me if you are going to ignore me.
>  I wouldn't answer if I had ignored you.

Well, you sound like that ;)

> The perl plugin is broken
>  on several configurations and you're ignoring it.

I am not. However, unless you tell me about it I will have no way of
finding out.

>  I for my part offered help to remove the problems but am pretty

Then start doing what you say you are offering. Claims about problems with
nonexistant programs is _not_ helping anybody.

And please stop picking on your problems with perl. I am _not_ talking
about perl, but about your general attitude of posting, well, garbage to
this list unrelated to me, but related to gimp and often (fortunately
not always) totally wrong. Wrong in a way that you, yourself, could have
avoided with minmal effort.

For example, when I told you that your latest patch uses mempcpy, a
function not available on most systems, you just replied with a quote from
the libc info pages(!), claiming the function _does_ exist. When I told
you that your usage of mempcpy is wrong anyway (you used it like memcpy)
you told me to read the manpage. Fact is, either you didn't read the
manpage or you simply didn't understand it. Honestly, I suspect it was a
typing error and you just wanted a way to save your face, wether it breaks
gimp or not.

It's your willingness to break the gimp sources without blinking,
and without willing to fix things later, combined with your immense
willingness of stealing other people's time if it saves you looking up a
manpage that cost you my support now, which, I guess was the only person
supporting you anymore.

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