I figured since everyone is talking help files I would just introduce
myself.  I'm on IRC as bex and I'm willing to help however I can.  I'm
somewhat new to gimp, so I won't be much good for writing new help
files, but my education is in English, especially writing, so I have
volunteered to proofread and edit documents.  Also if anyone were
writing documents in Danish I could probably translate them to English
but I can't write Danish documents at this time.
I have a good bit of time on my hands right now and figure I will learn
a lot more if I read everything anyway, so let me know how I can help.
I am not familiar with docbook but I think I will be allowed to install
it on my system.  I do know HTML however.  I don't know how keen I am on
the idea of needing to learn docbook to help out, but I can give it a
shot if that's the decision.  Is possibly needing to learn docbook going
to scare off any potential contributers?  I would hypothesize that the
most important thing right now is to get the docs written and then go
from there.  It doesn't matter about format if the text doesn't exist! 
and I can't write docs but if I can learn docbook or if you still use
HTML, I can take plaintext and add the markup.
Oh... and if any other documentation stuff is being worked on, I am
happy to help with proofreading of that too.  Just write me
So, uhm... thats me.
rjp (aka bex)

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