Rebecca Jean Pedersen wrote:

> I figured since everyone is talking help files I would just introduce
> myself.  I'm on IRC as bex and I'm willing to help however I can.  I'm
> somewhat new to gimp, so I won't be much good for writing new help
> files, but my education is in English, especially writing, so I have
> volunteered to proofread and edit documents.

Don't sell yourself short. People very, very, familiar with a topic
often "forget what they know" and, consequently, fail to properly stage
concepts for the best comprehension of newcomers. On a number of occasions
I have read exposition from newcomers to a topic of much higher caliber 
than that coming from acknowledged experts. The learning experience is still
fresh to newcomers and they still remember the sequences of concepts that
lead to their own "Eurekas!" and can relate these to fellow newcomers. 
Old hands often disassemble the scaffolding of their understanding once
the framework is complete, so they have no idea how to explain what they've
come to know. 

Jarda Benkovsky wrote:

> If I may add some points in favor of DocBook:
> - consistency - it will help make the pages the same style
> - easy change of style in all pages at once
> - I believe it's simpler than full-blown HTML (CSS ....)
>                                        Edheldil

I'm inclined to agree. I find flat HTML documentation is hard to
maintain. As much as possible writers should concentrate on content
and leave issues of appearance of formatting, packaging, and delivery
to downstream release mechanisms.

My two U. S. cents

Be good, be well

Garry Osgood

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