On Sun, Jul 30, 2000 at 07:27:14AM +1000, Andrew J Fortune wanted to say the following:
> Hi Daniel,
> I didn't say that the Perl scripting tool didn't work for me. I said that I
> couldn't find it on GIMP's menus.

Just as a record: 

Gimp-perl works just fine on debian woody with "normal" stuff. Both on my
intel desktop box and on my powerpc laptop. No problems. Except for the i8n
stuff in plug-ins/perl/po/ that sometimes seems to get cvs conflicts ( the
<<<<<< stuff) in the files (could it be that some files were changed on the
local disk during compilation? Since deleting the troublemaker file, cvs
updating it and running make again has helped so far..

Andrew, dont worry, sometimes one doesnt know what thing one ends up poking
with a stick.. this time it was the Ancient Perl Flame Monster! Lets hope
it goes back to sleep.. :)



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