I am trying to compile v1.1.24 of the GIMP, and I am getting many
problems -- as follows :

(1) I downloaded the file gimp-1.1.24.tar.gz;
(2) Created a temp directory;
(3) Copied the abovementioned tar.gz file into the temp directory;
(4) In the temp directory, I performed 'gunzip gimp-1.1.24.tar.gz';
(5) I then expanded the resulting tar file using 'tar gimp-1.1.24.tar'.
First problem - I was flooded with errors along the lines "Cannot chown to
uid 39902 gid 39902: Operation not permitted". Obviously a permissions
problem. What makes this more confusing is that I am logged on as root (I
always log on as root - a bit naughty maybe :)).
(6) In spite of these messages, a new folder gimp-1.1.24 was created,
containing a whole lot of files  - including a file called configure. So I
tried "configure" and "make", and got more error messages as follows :

[root@localhost gimp-1.1.24]# ./configure
./configure: re: command not found
./configure: line 502: syntax error near unexpected token `|s'
./configure: line 502: `|sed 's%/[^/][^/]*$%%'`'
[root@localhost gimp-1.1.24]# make
make: *** No targets.  Stop.
[root@localhost gimp-1.1.24]#

If this helps ... I am on Linux Mandrake v7, and have recently rebuilt this
system using the "customized" and "developers" options (hence, in theory, I
should have all of the associated development software that I need).

Can anyone suggest what is going on here ?

Andrew J Fortune

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