On  4 Aug, Michael Natterer wrote:

> Just go ahead and populate this directory. In the first time we'll
> take care of committing the generated help files into gimp. Once the
> build system is working (hopefully soon) we can include gimp-help as a
> virtual module into the gimp CVS tree.

 We'll start adding the things we've already done. Every of this files
 can be used alone thus we can just go ahead and produce HTML files
 for our context help. However we may need to tweak the output a little
 before we can use it with the helpbrowser, I haven't had the chance
 to test it with the gtkxmhtl library yet. 

 Apart from that the SGML approach seems to the right thing to do (TM)
 i.e. it looks very promising.

 What still needs to be done are Makefiles, more documentation, scripts
 for automatic generation of indexes, translations, stylesheets (DSSSL)
 for a output which fits our needs best, stylesheets (CSS) for optimized
 view in enhanced browsers, etc... most probably not in that order but
 still... :)

 Our coordinator Piers will keep you up-to-date.



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