>I noticed that many programs have trouble reading RLE compressed
>TGAs produced by the Gimp.  The problem is that the TGA saver
>produces packets that wrap over line boundaries.
>However this is for new format TGA files, whereas the Gimp saves in
>the original format, which does allow for wrapping (i.e. it doesn't
>explicitly say it's not allowed).
>I thought it was best to let the user decide what to do.  The patch,
>made against `plug-ins/common/tga.c' in 1.1.24, is attached.

I don't think the user should have any say; TGA should always accept
wrapped packets and never generate any (according to the old rule of
network engineering: Be conservative in what you send, and liberal in
what you accept).

This will make compressed images at most O(number of lines) bigger,
so it's not devastating.

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