Regarding the problems with gimp on AIX 4.3.x -- I spent some time looking
into the problem this weekend.  As I guessed earlier in this thread, the
problem is really in gtk (well, actually, AIX...).

Rashmi, if you're interested in porting gimp to AIX 4.x, you should read
the entire thread from gtk-devel-list from November of 1999, that starts here:

Basically, the way gtk is built on AIX makes it pretty much unusable, because
of the way AIX does shared object dependencies.  The problem isn't in the
gtk code, it's in the build process itself.  The shared libgtk needs to
be linked against libgdk because libgtk requires stuff from there.  That's
not happening, partially because the libtool maintainers have not been able
to develop a good way of dealing with this particular problem, which appears
to be unique to AIX on the power/powerpc chip.  If you do a standard build
of gtk on AIX you're going to get a libgtk that doesn't work.

What does work is to build all of gtk, install the entire package, and
then edit the gtk-1.2.8/gtk/Makefile and on the link line for libgtk, add

        -L/path/to/lib/directory/containing/installed/libgdk -lgdk

Then rebuild libgtk (just it) and re-install it (just it), i.e.

        cd gtk-1.2.8/gtk
        make clean
        make install

At that point, you should have a working libgtk.  None of this is
original thinking on my part.  I'm just reiterating what Craig Rodrigues,
Joel Becker, Owen Taylor, et. al.  arrived at on gtk-devel-list.

After doing this and building gimp, I was able to get the user install dialog
to come up, and the plug-in query seems to work fine.  I get a core dump
when the install dialog is getting ready to go away, apparently in g_strdup,
but I'm suspicious that the problem may actually be a similar library
dependency problem between libgmodule and libglib.  Rashmi, if you get a
similar problem you might want to try rebuilding libgmodule and linking
it against libglib.

It's clear that the problem is known to at least a few on the gtk-devel-list,
but there's no mention of it that I could find in any of the documentation
that comes with either glib or gtk+.  I would be willing to write a README.AIX
for inclusion in gtk+ (and possibly glib, if there is a problem there), if
that's what the gtk+ developers think the best solution is for the time being.

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