On 13 Aug, Tom Rathborne wrote:

> Corel's PhotoPaint program is a full GIMP-like paint program and
> people seemed to be having a lot of fun with it. I agree that it would
> get messy - the stuff I saw on the screen was obviously the result of
> a bunch of clashing artists. I think the full power of the GIMP would
> be useful in many networked situations:
> As a collaborative work tool ... If only one person was working on
> each layer, there would be essentially no contention. With some
> workflow management it might be a good ink-paint-composite pipeline
> tool.
> If UI stuff was also transmitted then it would be a _great_ remote
> teaching tool. Imagine people popping into IRC with hard-to-explain
> problems and just granting access to their NetGIMP to someone who
> offers to help.

 Another question in this direction. Has anyone tried how well GIMP
 works with several pointing devices together? If it behaves well I
 could imagine some mirroring X-Server to achieve a cheap network
 GIMP session.



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