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> Basically, the way gtk is built on AIX makes it pretty much unusable, because
> of the way AIX does shared object dependencies.  The problem isn't in the
> gtk code, it's in the build process itself.
> What does work is to build all of gtk, install the entire package, and
> then edit the gtk-1.2.8/gtk/Makefile and on the link line for libgtk, add
>       -L/path/to/lib/directory/containing/installed/libgdk -lgdk
> Then rebuild libgtk (just it) and re-install it (just it), i.e.
>       cd gtk-1.2.8/gtk
>       make clean
>       make
>       make install

Actually, just relinking libgtk* is sufficient. I did a make install,
added -lgdk to the Makefile, cd gtk, rm libgtk.la, make, make install.

Or.. you could cheat and build gtk+ statically..

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