Tom Rathborne wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 13, 2000 at 01:33:20PM -0400, James Smaby wrote:
> > Tom wrote:
> > > At SIGGRAPH I saw "Corel Network Painter" or something like that
> > > in action.  Basically there were a bunch of people all painting on
> > > the same image via the network.  Something worth duplicating in
> > > the GIMP?
> >
> > This does sound like a fun thing to do, but I don't see it working
> > all that well with the gimp.  A large part of the gimp consists of
> > filters and such.  If many people were applying filters at the same
> > time, hell would break loose on the poor image.  If all that is
> > wanted is drawing then a much simpler program would be better.
> Corel's PhotoPaint program is a full GIMP-like paint program

I'm pretty sure that what you saw was probably Corel Painter,
not Corel PhotoPaint.  Corel Painter was bought from MetaCreations
and was better-known as Fractal Painter in the 'old days'.  It
has also supported network-painting for a long time.  I don't
know if they intend it to supercede PhotoPaint (that would be
fine if it means a better chance of seeing a Linux version).

> I agree that it would
> get messy - the stuff I saw on the screen was obviously the result of
> a bunch of clashing artists. I think the full power of the GIMP would
> be useful in many networked situations:

I agree, although usefulness is a secondary consideration to me.
I'll take fun over usefulness most days.  Having both is just a bonus.

> If UI stuff was also transmitted then it would be a _great_ remote
> teaching tool.

I don't know what the actual mechanism for Painter's network-
painting is, but I understand that it works perfectly nicely
over modem.  Hence I assume that they try to avoid sending
actual pixmap data as much as possible!

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