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> It have to keep the layer and add some info (for example: "this is a
> text-layer, ref xxxx" and my engine will put the string that it want on
> this layer.
> My first idea is too export each layer in a separate png file (I would
> like to have lightweight files) and to write a text file which would
> contain the name of the png file, the size of the pic and the
> coordinates of this pic.

I have written some scripts for tuxracer that do similar stuff, they
are availabe at:


If you need extra info's written to a file you can do that with
something like this:

(let ((file-handle (fopen "/tmp/bla.txt" "w")))
        (fwrite "your-string" file-handle)
        (fclose file-handle))

Reading from a file goes analog like this:

(let ((file-handle (fopen "/tmp/bla.txt" "r")))
        ;; For a complete word
        (read file-handle)
        ;; or for a number of n-characters.
        (fread n file-handle)
        (fclose file-handle))

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