Greetings Gimp developers,

I just finished building & instlling gimp-1.1.24 on 4 platforms for
our users here.  I had some difficulties related to the gettext

The 4 platforms are:


We have a custom "harness" for multi-platform builds, so it's very
convenient for us if all platforms build the same way, without having
to make platform-specific tweaks.  This generally works well with
autoconf-based packages.

Linux & Solaris appeared to build fine, at least initially, but OSF
and IRIX failed, because gettext utilities were missing (possibly
msgfmt, I don't recall now).  It didn't occur to me that gimp should
use it's own gettext distribution if the system didn't provide one, so
my approach was to install gettext-0.10.35 on all platforms.  This
didn't help.  Although configure found the utilities and (most of) the
calls with -lintl, the -lintl flag did not get passed to the INTLLIBS
macro in the Makefiles.  When gimp is linked, the gettext calls are
not resolved.

Both linux (ours has glibc-2) and Solaris have these calls in the
system libraries, so this was not a problem for them.

Here is the relevant bit from configure on IRIX (OSF is similar):

> checking whether NLS is requested... yes
> checking whether included gettext is requested... no
> checking for libintl.h... yes
> checking for gettext in libc... no
> checking for bindtextdomain in -lintl... yes
> checking for gettext in libintl... checking for gettext in -lintl... yes
> yes
> checking for msgfmt... /sw/common/arch/mips-irix/bin/msgfmt
> checking for dcgettext... no
> checking for gmsgfmt... /sw/common/arch/mips-irix/bin/msgfmt
> checking for xgettext... /sw/common/arch/mips-irix/bin/xgettext
> checking for catalogs to be installed...  ca cs da de en_GB es fi fr hu it ja ko nl 
>no pl ru sk sv uk

I find it odd that configure checked for dcgettext without setting
-lintl.  Is that expected?  Anyway, config.status shows that INTLLIBS
is not set:


My workaround was to hardcode the macro substitutions in the configure

--- configure.orig      Thu Jun 22 21:49:05 2000
+++ configure   Fri Aug 18 20:21:05 2000
@@ -8146,7 +8146,7 @@

In my case, this forces -lintl for Linux and Solaris too, but that
didn't seem to cause any harm.  (At least not yet...)  It was sufficient
to get gimp built on all 4 platforms.

It seems to me that configure should have used it's own gettext on
those platforms that didn't already have it, without me having to
specify --with-included-gettext.  If I had known to try that, instead
of installing gettext-0.10.35 on those platforms myself, would it have
worked?  (OK, I suppose I could try to test that myself...)

Note: I specified "--disable-perl" to avoid other problems, but I'll
come back and look at that another time.  I did check the
gimp-developer archives, and other problems reported with gettext
seemed to be associated with certain perl plugins.  (I just subscribed
myself, and it's easy to miss things in archives, so apologies if I'm
describing a known problem.)

I would be pleased if gimp built cleanly on all 4 of our platforms.
If someone thinks they can fix it, I'll attempt to build out of CVS in
order to test their changes.

BTW, the Gimp appears to be quite a remarkable product.  Keep up the
good work.

Kind regards,

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