On Monday 21 Aug 00, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:
> > In my case, this forces -lintl for Linux and Solaris too, but that
> > didn't seem to cause any harm.  (At least not yet...)  It was
> > sufficient to get gimp built on all 4 platforms.
>  This shouldn't work on all systems. Normally glibc2 system don't have
>  a libintl and the linker will strike back if you still try to link
>  against it.

Sure, but in the case of IRIX and OSF, configure found the gettext
routines by linking against -lintl.  If that works, it ought to set
INTLLIBS accordingly.  My hardcoding of -lintl wasn't meant to be a
general solution.  I just meant to demonstrate that configure should
be setting this when it's required to find gettext routines.  (Again, I
don't know why it doesn't look in -lintl for dcgettext.)

>  This issue is not easy to solve.

You may be right about that.  My personal suspicion is that the
autoconf rules associated with gettext are broken.  I suppose that's
not your problem.

>  But since you're in the UK and probably don't need
>  internationalisation you could also disable it with --disable-nls .

Well, actually it's an international laboratory.  Less than 1/4 of our
staff are native English speakers.  Point taken, though.


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