"Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero" wrote:

> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-08-21 at 1913.32 -0400):
> > > * Add "-v" as synonym for "--verbose"
> > > * Remove "-v" as synonyn for "--version"
> > > * Add "-V" as synonym for "--version"
> > I'd keep -v => --version and add -V => --verbose.
> > This, out of respect for backward compatibility for
> > any version checking automata.
> Yes, but Gimp is doing it inverse that everyone I have seen. I would
> preffer -v verbose, and -V version, to match other software.

perl -v
gcc -v

Neither are lightly used tools. They establish certain habits in
their own right.

Miles O'Neill observed.

> I almost did this when I revamped the command line options
> a year or so ago.  I didn't for the "backwards compatibility"
> reasons.  With much wider distribution of the GIMP now, I
> wish I'd done it then.

> I vote to change it.

Odd decision to come to, "With much wider distribution of the GIMP now..."
the likelihood of dependence on the current command line options is greater not less.

If it were only my own self-absorbed preferences in play, I'd agree with
the forum. Given the wide distribution of Gimp, I'm uncharacteristically
conservative. The only argument I find to counter such conservatism arises
from the fact that Gimp 1.1.xx is still an "unstable development series," so
one could legally say "you've been warned" to all the automation writers.

But as a pragmatic matter, possibly an unfriendly thing to do.

If the quorum is for a change, it should be done now, before a 1.2 release.

My two U. S. cents


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