On Tuesday, 22 Aug 2000, Uwe Koloska wrote:

> possibly this one is fixed -- for now I am only using 1.1.18 from SuSE 6.4.

(I'm checking this with 1.1.25).

> With this (and possibly later versions) it is possble to save an RGB image
> to xpm format.  I don't know the xpm format, but the xpm code from kde 1.1
> isn't possible to load such an not-indexed xpm image.

Actually, it is still an indexed image, it just has a large number of
colours (my test was a full spectrum gradient and it had around 1300 colours).

> So two questions:
> o is it legal to save an xpm image in not-indexed format?

No - but gimp produces an indexed xpm.  xv and ImageMagic's "display"
were both happy with the xpm, and displayed it correctly.  Neither use
libXpm do parse the files.

> o is the header of this not-indexed format right?  Maybe there is missing
>   the indication for the RGB format

I think the xpm is correct.  It's possible the KDE code may not be able
to handle colourmaps with more than 256 entries.  libXpm manages it
fine, since this is what gimp's plugin uses to parse the files.  Maybe
KDE should use libXpm rather than their own routines?


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