I notice something this morning trying to do an install over NFS.  Building
the source is no problem (minus the minor helpbrowser issue I noted in an
earlier message), but when installing I get this message:

make[4]: Entering directory
/usr/bin/perl ../pxgettext `find .. -type f -print | grep
'\.pm$\|\.xs$\|examples/\|Perl-Server'` > gimp-perl.pot~
/bin/sh: gimp-perl.pot~: Permission denied

The problem here is that I build (as an ordinary user) to install under
/usr/local/gimp-1.1 and install the package as the root user.  However,
running "make install" as a root user across an NFS mounted partition fails
unless root (actually, the user "nobody") has write permission on that
partition. I could look into doing this, but my question is why "make
install" is trying to build something here?  Should this particular step
(making gimp-perl.pot~) be part of the build process or does it have to be
done during the install step?

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