On Thu, Aug 24, 2000 at 06:15:16PM -0700, Mathew Yeates wrote:
> Can somebody tell me the steps I need to take in order
> to get the latest Hollywood (deep image support) version?
> Mathew

Though not for the faint of heart, you have two ways to 
get it...

1) Get it from film.gimp.org.
There is a version there based on Gimp1.0 code and Gtk+1.0
This version is unfortunately pretty old, but does support
unsigned 16bit, and float data types. Look for an 
option to pass to configure to set the default type. 

This version is more or less what rhythm & hues uses
but with a few enhancements.

You can get a slightly more up-to-date version directly 
from cvs by doing this, though this more "up-to-date" version 
is about a year old. It has some bug fixes and updates to 
Gimp1.0.4 codebase and uses Gtk+1.2 (thanks to Yosh a
while back): 

2) To get it from cvs directly you can give it 
the HOLLYWOOD tag:

cvs get -rHOLLYWOOD gimp-data-min
cvs get -rHOLLYWOOD gimp

Install gtk+1.2 first for this one, and for gimp
try running autogen.sh, configure, etc. 

It may take some effort to build it this way, it
may not be an easy install, but that is how 
I used to build it.

If you get totally stumped but still want to keep trying
to get it to work, email me again with specific 
problems, Ill do what I can.

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