On Thu, Sep 07, 2000 at 06:13:07PM +0200, Raphael Quinet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> the user installing the package is not the same as the one building
> it.  Some of these problems have been mentioned by Michael J. Hammel
> two weeks ago ("install issue over NFS").  

AFAICR this was stricly perl-related. Since Sven hacked the
perl-po-process into using the "standard" mechanism now it *should*
work. Could anybody re-run the test to verify that this indeed works now?

> - Due to some strange hacks in libgimp/Makefile, the libgimp library
>   requires that you use "make" twice in order to have its dependencies
>   satisfied (the "evil hack" mentioned in that file does not seem to
>   work for me, although I am using GNU make).

Does this only happen on parallel builds or on normals builds as
well? I only gte problems when doing parallel builds (there is a
still-open-bug-report about the latter problem).

> - The Perl plug-in incorrectly uses the installed header files instead
>   of using the ones coming with the package.  This means that although

This comes up again and again, however, this bug has been fixed many many
many months ago.

> the Makefiles would be the best solution but this is probably not so
> easy, especially if I do not understand the reason why these hacks
> were inserted in the build system.  Could anybody enlighten me?

AFAIK, at least the libgimp hacks come from the fact that libtool has had
(and still has) various bugs and design problems, and also has problems on
various platforms.

The (former) perl-po problems come from the fact that libintl doesn't
support perl, nor can it be configured without serious hacking to support
perl. What was recently done was to screw standalone po-support for perl
and make it a "only when built inside the gimp tree"-feature, so that, at
least for gimp-1.2, there are chances of working properly, at the cost of
not being able to upgrade until I reinvented the old mechanism again.

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