Thus spoke Marc Lehmann
> Thanks for the reply ;) I posted it to gimp-developer because i seems this
> is a generic gimp bug and hope somebody else can add more.

It does sound like a problem with how Script-Fu (and maybe plug-ins in
general) are serialized.

> > Looks like the image id gets changed somehow.  Ideas?
> Highly interesting indeed. Now, what gimp-perl does (when you pass in a
> drawable instead of both image and drawable) is this:

Is there a way to pass in the image id?  I tried, but I get error messages
when I try to pass the image id as the first parameter.  Do you pass the
image id and drawable id's as a list?

> i.e. it calls gimp_drawable_image_id (or gimp_layer_get_image_id
> etc..) to get the image, which in turn calls the the pdb function
> gimp_drawable_image without any caches. This means that, temporarily, gimp
> returns "-1" as the image id and later the correct one.

Ick.  If this is true then there is a timing issue here where plug-ins
can't call other plug-ins. 

> Here I have to give up and hope this rings a bell for somebody more tied
> to the internals of gimp id management.

I'm going to try calling C plug-ins instead of Script-Fu, and variations on
the same, to see if there is one specific area where this happens.

Thanks for looking into this, Mark.
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