[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-09-11 at 1538.29 +0200):
> > wacky things you legally _can_ write to a TGA file, I am offering the
> > opinion that we should generally shield users from the dozens of valid
> > yet unimportant TGA options, and set them for our convenience, as we
> > do with TIFF.
> This is windows thinking a lot. Not implementing something because it is
> costing a lot of time would be understandable, but not offering features
> because the user might be too dumb is never a good idea (IMHO).

Specially for those of use that like Unix tools cos they allow more
things than other tools. If the user is Window style he knows what to
do: click "OK". But I preffer choice, cos sometimes it saves your day
in a few seconds. I want to open / save everything, and leave
headaches for other OSs.

IMHO this should not implemented now, Gimp is frozen and this can or
can not be a bug (varies with personal opinion, and even if you say it
is a bug, a new release would be cool anyway). But I would like to see
the options in future versions.


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