I dont know who else to ask for gimp help, so I am writing to this address.

When I want to paint/fil using a pattern, it wont work. I choose the 
pattern, and the tool I think is the right one, and go and try and draw with 
the said pattern on the picture, but it wont let me. It shows the tool and a 
circle with a diaganal line through it as a pointer. Is there are right and 
wrong way to try and draw using a pattern? Apart from that gimp is perfect 
and I love it. I have the windows version of it, from moochers.com. Hope you 
can help, because the help files that gimp comes with (and the help at your 
site) doesnt give me a a clue to what I am doing wrong.

         Michelle MacWhirter, Auckland, New zealand.
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