On Wed, 20 Sep 2000, Elena Piquer wrote:

> Hi, I'm a new user of gimp program. I used to work with other
> applications of desing like photoshop, but I found in the net the
> posibility to use gimp. I would like to know if is dificult learn all
> the options of the program, and how much time i need for control as a
> profesional this aplication. Please answer me, and tell me if you are
> satisfaced with gimp. elen.

I've just taken a job as a 'new media designer' at an established design
company where Macs hold sway - all the way. I;m the only guy that uses
Unix (GNU/Linux) on the desktop and I use GIMP as my main app. So yes, you
can use GIMP as your main app in a RealWorld(tm) 'there's money on the
line here' environment.

The GIMP as an application has all of the functionality you need to do
work for with bitmapped images for screen/on-line presentation. and does a
presentable job in other fields too. It is still weak for heavy duty
Pre-Press. I refer you to the usenet archives for the whole scoop on that
issue. However, GIMPs scriptability is _way_ beyond anything else out
there I;ve used. But I really do think that there are some interface
issues that need to be adressed at some point. Probably in the 2.0
development cycles. Mainly the operations for grouping/tagging and
selecting layers need an update. Also the selection/marquee tools need a
look. But GIMP 1.2.xx is in feature freeze now, so I'll keep my fingers
crossed for 2.xx. As it is I'm really thankful to the GIMP developers
that I can do what I;m doing now on GNU/Linux because of GIMP and not have
to use MS Windows or MacOS... Big Respect!!

But I've had to invest a bit of time to get the unix environment fully
integrated into the workflow here. Mainly read/writing psd and reading
apple fileshares and other stuff like java clients for scheduling and
projectmanagement, or vmware to run those pesky ms-windows clients...

If you're not comfortable in getting the nitty gritty unix file sharing
stuff or GIMP patching for psd write-capability sorted, ON YOUR OWN (since
no resident Mac-head will be able to help you with much) then I wouldn;t
even try to use GIMP as your main app.

It's not the GIMP - but your environment & workflow that's the problem.

just my 0.02.


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