This is the first beta of gimp-print 4.0.  This is a major release,
and has many important changes over all previous versions.  In
particular, the format of the printrc file has changed incompatibly
with all earlier versions of the print plug-in.  The new plugin can
read old printrc files but not vice versa.  There are also major
changes with the Ghostscript driver, a new CUPS driver, and full
support for Grant Taylor's Foomatic printer configuration system.

Please test this rigorously, and report all problems, major and minor,

I expect that there will be one more beta before the final 4.0
release.  However, I do not currently anticipate any further
incompatible changes between now and final release.  There are no
guarantees, of course.

Here is a summary of changes:

1) For Gimp plug-in users: the format of the printrc file has changed
   in a way that is incompatible with older versions of the plugin.
   This version of the software can read old printrc files, but older
   versions of the plugin cannot read the new format.

   The new format uses a keyword-based approach that is far superior
   to the old format, and will be much more amenable to future changes
   that may become necessary.

2) Support for the HP Deskjet 800 series has been changed
   incompatibly.  The "pcl-800" driver (HP Deskjet 800 series) no
   longer exists, since the 800 series printers fall into two distinct
   groups, the older 850/855/870/890 printers which supported 4-level
   dithering (HP calls this C-RET) at 300x300 DPI, and the newer
   810/812/840/842/895 printers which do not support C-RET at 300x300
   DPI (these are the same as the Deskjet 600 series).

   If you are using the gimp plugin, re-select your 800 series printer
   from the combo box and re-save the settings.

   If you are using the Ghostscript driver, choose from one of the
   pcl-8xx values detailed in Ghost/README.

   If you have an 800 series printer that is not on the list, please
   try both the old C-RET driver (choose model 890) and the non C-RET
   driver (choose model 895) and see which one works at 300x300 dpi.
   Also, please let us know; the address is in the README file.

3) The HP Deskjet 1220C has been grouped with the 900 series.

4) The HP PhotoSmart P1000 and P1100 have been added, they are like
   the HP 900 series.

5) Online documentation for the print plugin finally exists.

6) Support for CUPS, through a choice of a native CUPS driver or

7) Support for the Foomatic printer configuration system, greatly
   simplifying configuration and use with lpd, CUPS, and PDQ.

8) The preview window in the plugin now shows a low-resolution
   representation of the actual image.  The color adjustment window
   shows an thumbnail that reflects the effect that color adjustments
   have on the output.

9) The old GTK-based interface is now disabled by default when used
   with the Gimp 1.1.  It can be enabled by running configure with

10) The plugin now detects the spooling system at runtime, so it need
   not be compiled specifically for use with Berkeley lpd, System V
   lp, CUPS, or LPRng.

11) Substantial quality improvement for many Epson Stylus printers in
   in 1440x720 DPI modes.  The price is that printing takes much
   longer.  If you need high quality with better performance, use
   720x720 DPI Highest Quality.

   The specific printers that are affected are the Epson Stylus Color
   600, 800, 850, 900, 1520, and 3000, and the Epson Stylus Photo 700
   and EX.  The effect in all cases will be smoother output that is
   particularly visible in pale tones.

12) The Fast dither algorithm has been slightly tweaked, and a Very
   Fast dither algorithm has been added.

13) Most menus have been converted to combo boxes.

14) The printrc code has been fixed to set reasonable defaults if an
   old printrc file with now-invalid parameter settings is read.

15) It is now possible to print in seascape and upside down portrait

16) The support for the Stylus Photo 2000P has been fixed and should
   now be correct.

17) Printer names may now be up to 127 characters.

18) Additional performance improvements over earlier versions of this

19) A number of miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.


1) The higher resolutions of the HP Deskjet 900/1220C and the HP
   PhotoSmart P1000/P1100 have been disabled as they do not work.
   Investigation into these modes (Photo-Ret III) is continuing.

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