Here is the confirmation of the Gimp BOF at ALS for anyone that might be
going.  Looks like we get a big room, but a bad time (right in the middle
of the Dave&Buster's party on Thursday night), though we may be able to
change that once I get to the show.  Stay tuned for updates (and let me
know if you're going - I'll try to drum up a crowd with some "press"
announcements - since a few names to toss around won't hurt attendance). 

Forwarded message from ALS:
>       I wanted to give you the largest room we had available: the
> Galleria @ 100.  The Etalage can only hold 55, so I think that's out (I
> expect your BOF to be very popular!).
>       We're also flexible.  Check with me when you arrive at ALS, and
> we'll see if any sliding can take place.
>       Currently, I have you at 8 on Thursday in the Galleria.
>       Thanks!
> Danny

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