Laramie Leavitt wrote:
> 2.  Allocate a task to compute values in the background so that the
>     mouse can still be moved while the computation takes place.
> #2 is the hard part.  I can do #1 with the current tile system.
> Are there any capabilities in the gimp to allow #2?  If not, then
> iscissors probably won't get much better than this patch.

You can set up a GTK idle task -- no problem (as long as you're
aware of the implications, mainly interactions of any 'unfinished
business' with actions of the user which may invalidate that work
entirely).  Various parts of GIMP, such as the main compositing
loop, run as idle-tasks.  Is that what you meant?

Personally I'm afraid I don't have time to look at this patch
any time soon, and I think that this is likely the case for
most of the core developers although we'd be interested enough
in hearing feedback from this specific patch.

This is also a really, really bad time to be proposing an
IScissors overhaul -- when 1.3.x is underway I think you'll
get a better response.  If you consider IScissors to be
fundamentally broken (I haven't seen a problem lately but I
don't use it much!) then that's another problem altogether,
though if it quick'n'dirty fixes won't suffice then I think
that at this point IScissors would have to be ditched
completely until 1.3.x (I don't think it has to come to that
-- do you have any specific complaints with IScissors as they

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