Fethi BELGHAOUTI wrote:
> i'm using gimp in network and in --no-interface and
> --batchmode !
> i never exit gimp, and it generate me too many
> swapfiles !
> how can i do to purge ths files without exiting Gimp ?

This is a shortcoming in the GIMP swap management --
the size of the swapfile is every byte from the start
of the swapfile to the position of the end of the last
in-use tile in the swapfile.

The swapfiles are trimmed automatically where the last
span of the file is 'free' space, but only in this case
(no compaction is done when there are large unused
regions anywhere but the end of the file).

The resulting fragmentation causes some degree of swapfile
bloat and thrashing.  This fails to impress me but is not
going to change at this point (ie. GIMP's general mem/swap
handling has already improved greatly since 1.0.x and it
would be sort of neat to see 1.2 released before my
monitor-radiation-baked eyes fail with old age).

You could try looking into the memory access patterns of
your scripts themselves -- the order in which you create
and destroy resources can have direct bearing on the
swapfile usage.

You might also want to up your tile cache and/or add
more system swapspace so GIMP leans on that to a much
greater degree -- I expect that performance would probably
be a bit worse in high-mem-usage conditions, but your
OS is also probably better at keeping memory defragmented
and reclaimed than GIMP's hand-rolled swapsystem is (cop out).

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