Hello gimp developers,

I posted the message attached below to the gimp-user list, but
apparently nobody knew an answer -- please excuse me cross-posting
this, but I hope that maybe one of you has time to explain to me the
format of exported "paths" ... Many thanks!


Hello out there,

I gladly discovered the path feature of (very promising!) gimp 1.1.25.
One question: Does somebody have an idea how to convert a couple of
exported path files to a file in one of the common vector graphics
formats (or is there already a utility which does the job?!) -- it
seems to me that necessary information is provided in the exported
textfile, but I'm not too experienced in those things ... however, to
do it myself, I would like to have a format description of the
exported path files (e.g., what does Type 1/Type 2 mean?). What I want
to do is the following: I loaded a satellite image and digitized some
areas in a separate layer, saving them as paths. Now I want to make a
(vector based) map ... I'm a little bit too lazy to do it with
grass ...

Can somebody help? If so (*many thanks* in advance ;-), please mail me
directly/CC: me, I'm not on the list at the moment ...

Many thanks for your attention,

P.S.: ... and does somebody know how to measure not just distances but
      area of a selection?

 Ulf Mehlig    <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
               Center for Tropical Marine Ecology/ZMT, Bremen, Germany

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