I noticed this entry in the Gimp change log:

2000-09-15  Asbjorn Pettersen  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

        * plug-ins/print/print-ps.c (ps_parameters): use g_strncasecmp()
        instead of strncasecmp().  More portable.

If there's a portability problem in the print plugin, please report it
to [EMAIL PROTECTED] rather than doing this.  The next
time Mitch copies over the gimp-print source, this change will get

Also, the code in this file cannot use anything except standard C
library stuff.  This file (along with print-pcl.c, print-escp2.c,
print-canon.c, print-util.c, print-dither.c, print.h, and
print-weave.c) is also used as part of a Ghostscript driver, and as
part of a CUPS driver, and we cannot rely on any system having any of
the g* libraries around.

Also, is there a specific system that doesn't support strncasecmp()?
We haven't received any reports on it.

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