On 28 Sep, Paul Wagland wrote:

> First up, I hope that this is the right place to report this bug.
> Second thing: This is a great product. You guys should be proud of
> yourselves!

 We are, hehe.... :) Now back to bussiness... :)
> I have no reason to believe that steps 1-2 make sweet rafoosle
> difference. I suspect, but of course cannot verify :-) that this is a
> threading issue, since if in step 6) if I press the key one step at a
> time then the problem does not occur. Also, if I make the image "large
> enough" the problem does not occur. Maybe the preview engine stomps on
> something while it is being read by the main window? My guess is that
> "large enough" is anything that takes long enough to encode that the
> drawer is definitely finished with it by the time the new image is
> overwritten. I am guessing this based on the Gtk error messages, but
> have never looked at the code, so should probably let you folks do
> that :-)

 Kevin Turner and I have been hunting this one yesterday. Unfortunately
 I cannot access bugs.gnome.org at the moment but the number starts with 12***
 and you'll find it at the place for critical bugs. He provided a really nice
 backtrace, too.

 We found out that this bug just occurs with an open layersdialog and
 that different bugs occurred on his machine when this is not the case.
 Unfortunately I cannot debug it because this error doesn't show up on my
 machine; prerequisite for it is that you change one of the parameters while
 an update of the preview is running in the image display. However the
 dialog is blocked on my machine (which seems sensible to me) by default
 and I'm not quite sure why....



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