I used the Lisp bindings to make Lisp programs that generate images
through Gimp.  I fell in love with that feature.

I am currently building HB, a platform to develop dynamic
(server-side) web sites.  I want to include some module for the users
to be able to have HB generate images on the fly.  Basically, I want
them to be able to write Lisp (or it could be Perl) scripts inside the
HB files and have them handled by Gimp to generate images and use them.

For example, they can write some simple Lisp code such that given the
current day time, Gimp generates a nice image displaying that
information.  Another example is making Lisp code to display an access
counter.  Even a graphic with the contents of a message wall or the
output of /usr/games/fortune with some nice effects.

Rather than making my own sucky parser/imaging library, I wanted to
use Gimp's Lisp bindings so I can pass the Lisp code to Gimp and have
it work on the image and eventually pass it back to my application (or
save it somewhere and have HB load it) so it sends it to the browser.

I briefly looked at libgimp's documentation but couldn't find a
function to do that.  I don't want to have my C code generate the
images directly (I mean, I do not want to make my own parser) but
rather use the parser for Lisp code that comes with Gimp.

Could someone please help me?  Where should I look at?  I am
unfamiliar with Gimp's code, as you can see.



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