Jesse Wilson wrote:

> Woohoo!  Looks like all I had to do was disable shared
> memory between plugins and the gimp.


>  Anyone know why
> this could have been causing problems?  Oh well, it
> works now, that's all that matters.  =)

With shared memory enabled, tiles (for sake of discussion,
64 X 64 pixels of image data) are not transferred between
Gimp and plug-in over a Unix pipe, but are written into/read out of
a region of memory that is literally shared between the plug-in
and the Gimp.

This very much increases the rate of data transfer between Gimp
and plug-in,  A big advantage, but for reasons unknown, this
mechanism is being corrupted on MacOS. The Unix pipe is
working, however.

You're probably happy it works at any rate of speed, so go have fun.
But sometime or other, please visit
and fill out the form. Remind us that plug-ins aren't behaving well
when shared memory is being used for tile transport on the MacOS platform.

The problem may be that Gimp is making
platform specific assumptions about shared memory. The problem
may be that shared memory is not quite there yet under MacOS X Beta.
Without a reminder, nobody will likely investigate further.

Thanks a lot!

Be good, be well


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