On Tue, Oct 10, 2000 at 02:06:34PM -0500, thus said Tom Musgrove:
> Hi,
> I was using GIMP today, and though of some cool tool/feature additions...
> 1) For the color picker, I would like to select a group of pixels, and then
> the drawing tool that implements the color does a random color from the
> range of color in the pixels selected for each pixel. This way, one can do
> much more natural looking color matching when deleting image artifacts

This sounds like the "sample average" -toggle on the color picker options in
Gimp version 1.1.x, if you are using the 1.0 series, I suggest you to
upgrade, the developers version will turn to the stable 1.2 version sometime
(hopefully) in the near (?) future, however the developers version is
already pretty stable and usable, and it has a lot of stuff that the 1.0
series lacks.

> 2) for the region selection tools, it would be nice to have a tool similar
> to select hand drawn region, but that snaps from point to point, so that it
> is easier to select regions that have straight lines, but are not square.

This sounds like the Bezier tool (similar to the Paths tool in Photoshop)

I hope these help you get further..

Tuomas Kuosmanen


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