Dear Gimpings :-)

I have a little idea for a preview mechanism that I'd like to share
with you. I did a little search if this has already been discussed in
the archives but found nothing. If I'm wrong with this or something:

Of course Gimp should offer a global preview mechanism. A fine
mechanism should also be customizable in it's size. A fast computer
could do the preview in the whole picture while a P100 with 32 megs of
RAM (that I use at home, where I do my gimping *uck* ;) could be set to a
little part of the picture. Furthermore it should be easy to move the
preview window in the whole pic if it is smaller.
What comes to my mind is a 'special preview layer'. This layer would
be completely transparent (maybe adding a slight blurring cloud to the
parts not in the preview pane) and show the effect in a resizable and
movable region. I guess it wouldn't be too hard to implement since
most of the effect filters can handle layers and selections within
them. Maybe that concept won't fit for _all_ effects (like enlargening
parts of the picture or rendering of new objects) but it's probably
worthy for many of them.

Another 'Special Layer' I have in mind would be a plain text layer the
stores no graphics but ASCII text and could be used for Copyright- and
other notes. That could result in an accepted format to publish and
join pictures (like sources in tarballs for C-programs) and keep
license stuff stored within the picture. Thus we could develop a 'Free
Image License' or the like, but that's another story....

I hope you understand what I mean, since English is not my native
language and GUI things are hard to express in words. And then I hope
you like the idea ...

Stefan Kamphausen

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