On Tuesday, 17 Oct 2000, Garry R. Osgood wrote:

> Namespace problems??

Nope.  All of your DNS-related info checks out ok here: we have the
same view of the world (phew!).

> The cvs repository I map to, cvs.gimp.org, is aliased to
> cvs.gnome.org and a quite different IP address: I
> haven't observed the problems cited by you or Marc.

Possibly that's a cvs client version mismatch problem.  I'm using 
hornet$ cvs --version

Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.10 `Halibut' (client/server)

Copyright (c) 1989-1998 Brian Berliner, david d `zoo' zuhn, 
                        Jeff Polk, and other authors

> > And the web-based CVS browser at cvs.gnome.org isn't very up to date.
> > The entry at the top of the gimp ChangeLog is dated
> > Wed Sep 27 00:46:31 CEST 2000
> The web interface seems quite current at this locale too. This is top of ChangeLog
> as of 21:05 -05.00 (EDT)
> >
> >     1 mitch 1.2975 2000-10-18  Michael Natterer  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> >     2
> >     3                   * plug-ins/helpbrowser/Makefile.am: added $GTK_CFLAGS and 
> >     4                   Closes #28491.

Nope, I don't get that.

  1 Wed Sep 27 00:46:31 CEST 2000  Daniel Egger  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  3         * app/paint_funcs.c: Implemented suggested solution for
  4         SPARC alignment problem by Jon Hazen. Fixes bug #21269.

at the top.

> I'm vaguely aware that there are a number of machines that share CVS
> load at gnome, but are they

Previously, I was using cvs.labs.redhat.com ( as my CVS
server.  Now I've moved to cvs.gnome.org ( and that one
works, modulo the wierd "sh -c" warning message.


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