This is the first release candidate of gimp-print 4.0.0.  Please test
it to ensure that there are no remnant problems.  This is very close
to the real 4.0.

Gimp-Print 4.0.0 contains the following fixes over Gimp-Print 4.0b3:

1) All HP LaserJet printers except for the 4L are capable of 600 DPI

2) Any residual problems with the plugin printer list containing
   duplicates should now be fixed.

3) Any residual problems with scaling not being set properly in PPI
   mode should now be fixed.

4) An extraneous dependency on the glibc version of getopt() in
   escputil has been removed.

5) 'make clean' is now a bit more complete.

6) Certain Epson Stylus printers (the Stylus Pro XL, Stylus Color 400,
   500, and 600, and Stylus Photo, Photo 700, and Photo EX) will not
   print quite as close to the bottom of the paper, due to some
   reports of overrunning pages.  This is presumably due to paper size
   or printers not being perfectly in spec.


1) PostScript files (and PPD's) with embedded .setpagedevice commands
   to choose a media type will not function correctly.  In place of
   MediaType, stpMediaType will allow a choice of media type.  This
   will not be fixed in the release; it is not always possible to know
   what media types are valid at the time of the .setpagedevice call,
   which GhostScript requires.

2) The higher resolutions of the HP Deskjet 900/1220C and the HP
   PhotoSmart P1000/P1100 have been disabled as they do not work.
   Investigation into these modes (Photo-Ret III) is continuing.

3) There are some known color generation problems.  In particular,
   greens (particularly weakly saturated greens) tend to be quite
   weak, giving grass a somewhat tan look.  This may be improved
   somewhat by printing in 4-color rather than 6-color mode.  We do
   not anticipate much if any further improvement in the release
   beyond the change in saturation noted above.  The errors in color
   are not radical, but it may be hard to get a close match for
   extremely critical work.

   If the image is radically too light and washed out, please check
   the color settings, and try setting the defaults (1.0 for all

4) When using Epson 4x6 photo paper that is perforated to allow
   tearing off the unprintable margins it is possible to print part
   way into those margins.  This will not be fixed in the release.

5) Red Hat 6.1 users cannot configure the plug-in.  The problem is
   that neither the gimp nor the gimp-devel rpm's in that release
   include gimptool, which is necessary for configuration to work.
   This will not be fixed in the release.

   The recommended workaround is to recompile the Gimp from source
   (either 1.0.4 or the latest 1.1/1.2 release).  That will install
   gimptool, and you will then be able to build the plug-in.  This
   does not affect the Ghostscript driver.

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