Thank you all for your responses.  My project is under RH linux, using
C++.  This is really the first part of my term project, so I just need a
quick and dirty piece of codes to handle this.

To the people who have suggested jpeblib, what keywords or procedures I
should look for in the jpeg manual?  I skimmed through the manual the
couldn't find a specific section that details on how to convert an image
to a RGB-array.  Thanks again.

To Marc, 
I've just tried to "convert" a .jpg file to a .rgb file, as you suggested.
(actually I redirected it to a new file).

> convert picture.jpg -interlace plane rgb:-

the output is a binary file so I can't still read it into an arry in which
each pixel is a RGB vector.  Could you elaborate on this?  Thanks for your

Vinhthuy Phan

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