Hi I'm new to this list and I'm here to see if anyone can answer some of
my questions :).

I'm a web developer and I'm trying to use the Gimp for what basically
amounts to a greeting card application, however I'm not having much
success calling the Gimp. 

I'm working in perl and I'm trying to use the Gimp modules.
The application needs to load a JPEG file, write some text onto it and
then print it out to a printer or save it.
And all of that needs to interface with the web (the printer would be
directly connected to the host machine).

I maybe a bit confused as to the difference betweent Gimp::Net and
Gimp::Fu. Can I call Gimp Functions, (the ones in the DB Browser) while
just using Gimp::Net or do I also have to include Gimp::Fu?

Mostly I need to know if there is a way to run the
Gimp Perl server without running the Gimp itself and without running X, as
the host machine will not have access to the X server.

Chris Brown 

Chris the Christianfreak

In light of the new campaigns:
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