On Wednesday, 25 Oct 2000, Jeff Sheffield wrote:

> the splash screen hangs with the subtitle
> Plug-ins
> and the path
> /opt/gimp/gimp-1.1.28/lib/gimp/1.1/plug-ins/script-fu
> another interesting thing that happens is.....
> when I ctrl-C the app I get the following strange output
> ---------
> [jsheffie@kelly bin]$ ./gimp
> ^[[A./gimp terminated: Interrupt
> /opt/gimp/gimp-1.1.28/lib/gimp/1.1/plug-ins/animate_cells terminated:
> Interrupt
> ---------------
> animate_cells...??

That's presumably the plugin that's currently in the process of being
probed when you killed the main application.

Make sure you've deleted all the plugin directories before you "make
install" so there aren't any old plugins left around.


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